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Sure, you have heard of LSPs (Logistics Service Providers), and 3PLs (Third Party Logistics Providers) but have you heard of the niche service companies, the SLSPs?  The Specialized Logistics Service Providers are the new and improved way to insure optimum warehouse performance through job specialization.  Particularly in Grocery Distribution one such SLSP is providing DCs with labor specifically designed and trained to handle grocery and produce, freight receiving, product staging and warehouse sanitation.  Warehouse Labor Solutions based in Independence MO. understands the unique challenges of grocery freight handling and the necessary measures that must be taken to provide the highest degree of food freight integrity.  By focusing on grocery freight handling, they bring efficiency, expertise and dependability to each warehouse they provided service for across the country.

The launch of your partnership begins with the Startup Operations Team (SOT) ensuring a smooth transition of their services into your warehouse.  Supplier and broker agreements are initiated to establish clear communication lines and direct invoicing, both of which eliminate confusion, decrease dock time and increase the efficiency of your warehouse operations.  Most importantly, to safeguard the highest degree of food integrity, each of their professionals possess the Grocery Freight Handling Certification which requires a thorough understanding of USDA guidelines for food warehouses, proper handling of product, and the ability to identify any grocery items of low integrity.  Finally, superior standards are maintained on an ongoing basis through their regular management operations reviews.

Another great reason to use a SLSP is to reduce your Workers Compensation cost.  They take responsibility for the most physically demanding and dangerous jobs in the warehouse.  By delegating these responsibilities to a SLSP warehouses minimize the risk of injury to their employees and the risk of increased Workers Compensation Insurance premiums and increased experience modifiers that affect your overhead for years.   It a great idea to have specialist who are specially trained in the high risk areas to promote a positive culture of safety and reliability that can be infectious throughout the warehouse.

Some of the high risk areas that SLSP specialize in are:
•    Inbound Receiving and Freight Handling
•    Cross Docking
•    Pallet Management
•    Return Processing
•    Down Stacking
•    Recycling
•    Assembly
•    Warehouse Janitorial and Sanitation
•    Cooler and Freezer Labor Specialization

They also provide for any other specific need their customer may have for them such as labeling, light maintenance and product clean-up.  This is important when time becomes a factor and there are not enough hands to help.  Don’t worry, you have a SLSP ready and trained precisely for these tasks.

SLSPs are becoming an integral part of the Supply Logistics Industry by providing precisely what warehouses need with highly trained, safe and responsible personnel who are professional at what they do.  Take a look, you will be impressed!

One good example of a SLSP:

Warehouse Labor Solutions:  866-509-8781 x706
Tony Lindenbusch
Projects Manager /Safety Director
Warehouse Labor Solutions

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