Dave Senesac

Production Manager: Art Optical in Grand Rapids, MI

Home: 231-780-2269

Work Number: 616-453-1888

Email: dsenesac@artoptical.com

Worked with me in Supply Chain/Project & Scheduling Management/Manufacturing Consulting in Western Michigan.

I have known Charles for over 20 years as he was a consultant for the company I worked for Kandu Industries in Grand Haven, Michigan.

We worked together and he was able to change the culture of what we did daily getting our inventory system under control.

Charles is professional in every way. He is always clear cut in communicating goals and objectives to continually improve. He was an impact player teaching us cycle counting which in turn created accurate inventory systems.

His communication is clear in all phases written and verbal. He can clearly speak to a factory floor worker or a high level executive he will get his point across and make people think.

Charles is on time every time. He loves what he does and takes pride in his work and it shows every day.

I would give Charles my highest recommendation. Charles has been working with businesses for many years and can adjust to any situation that arises to make it better.

I can tell you if the distance from Charles and I was not so far I would seek his employment for the company that I work for today. He was one of the people that mentored me and I am better professionally for it. He changed my way of thinking and I have been with my current company for over 16 years with good success.


David J Senesac

Production Manager: Art Optical: Lense Division Grand Rapids, Michigan


Peter Holm

General Manager DDC 726 Boston at BEST BUY

Email: Peter.Holm@bestbuy.com

Number: 952-258-9756

Pete and I worked together on 3PL and Transportation Projects.
Pete is previously from CH Robinson the #1 3PL

Chuck provides first class service for his and the transportation companies that he matches up with his clients. With almost 50 years in transportation he fully understands what it takes to create a “win-win” situation when working between customers and transportation companies. Chuck is always friendly, professional and timely with all business responses and needs. It is rare in this business that you have someone that understands all sides of a business and can translate that into getting a supply chain built, Chuck can do that. It is even rarer when you find someone that can do that with great customer service, industry knowledge and with honest and open dialogue, Chuck does this. Any company, at any point, looking to realign their supply chain should utilize Chuck’s broad depth of knowledge first. I am confident that in working with Chuck, the ROI would far exceed what his services cost as they are invaluable.
Peter Holm| New Business Development

Bobbie Kelley

Director of Sales Kenco Logistics Group

Email: bobbie.kelley@kencogroup.com

Bobbie and I worked on Projects together

Chuck is a business professional that places relationship at the top of his priorities. Chuck is a friend. He is a Quality Partner in every sense and is always a pleasure to interact with. It is easy to do business with your friends and Chuck makes it easy. Customer service is number one with Chuck, as it should be, without Customer Service you wouldn’t have customers.

Bobbie Kelley

Sales Manager
Kenco Logistic Services, LLC
P.O. Box 11027
2001 Riverside Drive (37406)
Chattanooga, TN 37401
Phone: 423-643-3401
Fax: 423-643-3432 or 3500